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Many people around the world love and admire Concorde. I have taken this a step further and show my admiration in the form of paintings.

I didn’t start out as a typical plane-spotter! On this site I have included my own story of my involvement with Concorde, tracing my journey from normal(ish) London girl to Concorde nut. The 10 chapters are listed on the right; just follow the links, or start here 01 Before the beginning. They describe the opportunities and shocks that brought me closer to the aeroplanes, despite the much-publicised “end of Concorde”, and how I found my life becoming distinctly delta-shaped.

To find out more recent news and leave comments, please visit my News section.

I have also posted galleries of my artwork. Some of the pictures are available to buy as art prints, and are shown in my on-line Store.

Finally, I can carry out commissions, as I explain on my other website, Animal Magic. If you have a favourite aircraft type and you would like me to draw or paint it, please feel free to contact me and I can send you details of formats and prices.


Hi Katie, Jane and I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you on Sunday and thanks again for coming to my rescue….we had a great day at the show and look forward to meeting again at the next sketching day, love your site and found it very interesting….great artwork…..
best wishes Jane and Malcolm

Nice work! My Uncle used to fly on Concorde a lot. He worked as a film camerman and a director.


Hi Gordon! Thanks for looking at my site. I had no idea you had any family connection with Concorde – that’s great to know.

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