we have a signed orignal design print signed by Brian T we are looking for sale – would you be interested or would you know of anyone that would be. It has been valued in the past by Southerby's at £3000.00
thank You, Karen

Hi Karen – thanks for letting me know about this, but I’m afraid this is not a merchandising site. If the print is of Concorde or another aviation subject, it might be worth asking Sotheby’s for advice on selling it.

Great to see someone doing a great job keeping memories of "Concorde" alive, now, perhaps you can help me, I am looking for a nice print of "Concorde" over New York,in new condition, a classy one! should you come across one or give me a name of a web-site that can help I will be very much obliged. Thank-you and keep up the good work.
Kindest regards
Gavin Scott.

Hi Gavin

Many thanks for your kind message! I do know of a website with very good photos of Concorde, including Concorde over New York. The site is called Concorde Photos ( and features photos by Adrian Meredith, who used to be the “official” Concorde photographer for British Airways. I hope this gives you what you are looking for.

Best wishes

Katie John

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